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Ambiguous handling of the ambiguous name dialog box

How should I handle the ambiguous name dialog box in the following scenario?

When I type in the user's last name and either enter a comma or press Enter, the ambiguous name dialog box appears as expected with three matching names. For example:

 User1/orgunit/org User1/orgunit/org User1/orgunit/org

I would like to add some more information to this pop-up dialog. For example:

 User1/orgunit/org (department1) User1/orgunit/org (department2) User1/orgunit/org (department3)

Is it possible? This would help identify users when many duplicate names exist.

From where does the dialog box appears? Is it part of the design? How we can customize this?
I'm not sure whether this is possible, and I wouldn't attempt it. The whole idea of the hierarchical structure of the username is that you should be able to tell from looking at it what part of the organization they're in.

The ambiguous names dialog is a system dialog. Probably the values come from one of the views in the Domino Directory. You might be able to modify what appears in the dialog by editing the design of a view. However, that view is not used only for addressing memos, and changing it will probably cause other functions to fail.

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