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App spitting out strange errors after move to ND6

I have a legacy application that was written in Lotus Notes 4.6 and was successfully migrated to R5 where it has been running for several years. I have recently migrated the domain to Notes/Domino 6 and the application appears to run correctly when hosted on both R5 and Domino 6 servers using either R5 clients or Notes 6 clients. I considered the migration successful until I attempted to use the Domino 6 Designer client to perform maintenance on the application. The following code is a subroutine that is employed in several agents in the application. In the Domino 6 Designer Client this subroutine has some significant errors I am stumped by. This same piece of code is editable in my R5 Designer Client and it appears to run correctly in Notes/Domino 6 but I can't edit the agent because of errors reported as:

ReplaceString 1: Unexpected Identifier; BYVAL .
Everything in the subroutine except the two DIM statements and the End Sub are highlighted in Red in the Domino 6 Designer Client.


Sub ReplaceString(BString As String, RString As String, Replace As String)
Dim LString As Integer
Dim I1, I2 As Integer
 LString = Len(RString)
 I1 = Instr(1, BString, RString, 1) - 1
 Do While I1 > 0
  I2 = I1 + LString + 1
  BString = Mid(BString, 1, I1) + Replace + Mid(BString, I2)
  I1 = Instr(1, BString, RString, 1) - 1
End Sub

The subroutine above is called in the snippet shown below. This piece of script has no errors indicated:
 If (docCharge.HasItem("OffDate")) Then
  sReplacementString = docCharge.OffString (0)
  If Not (sReplacementString = "") Then
   sStringToReplace = "
   Call ReplaceString(sBuildString, sStringToReplace, 
sReplacementString) sReplacementString = docCharge.VictimName (0) sStringToReplace = " " Call ReplaceString(sBuildString, sStringToReplace,
sReplacementString) End If End If
I'm an administrator charged with maintaining this application, and this is a bit beyond my fledgling programmer skills. Thank you for your assistance!
This problem has an easy answer! In 6, we added a new function to LotusScript -- Replace. You are using this as a variable name, and it is now part of the LotusScript language. If you change the name of your Replace variable to something else (perhaps sReplace), I believe all will be well again!

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