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Archiving in iNotes

My users use iNotes to access their e-mail. How can I enable archiving for them? Also, if I change a name, will AdminP carry it out for me?
About the archiving: In 6.5, you can set up server-side archiving from Domino Web Access (iNotes). People can move documents into a folder, which then will have a policy created for it to archive any documents found in that folder. If you want to have local archiving, you will have to issue Notes IDs and set those people up for offline access (DOLS).

About changing names: If they are purely Web users with no Notes ID, AdminP will not work unless you accept the name change on their behalf from the Notes client you have. If they are DOLS users, it should work. However, renames were not always successful in R5, and I have not had a chance to check DOLS renames in D6.5 yet.

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