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Attach through LotusScript without having to detach and reattach

How do I attach an attachment through LotusScript without having to detach and reattach on to another form? I got the object but I need to put it on another form, hopefully without detach and reattach.

The EmbedObject Method of the NotesRichtext class allows you to create attachments and other embedded objects. However, it doesn't let you move one from one document to another. We use code below to copy a file from an e-mail to a new document. I would also add a shell commend to delete the detached file once created.

Set rtiFile = doc.GetFirstItem("$File") Set embobjReport = doc.GetAttachment(rtiFile.Values(0)) strFilePath = Environ("temp") & "" strFileName = doc.Subject(0) & " " & "." & Right(embobjReport.Name, 3) Call embobjReport.ExtractFile(strFilePath & strFileName) Call rtiBody.EmbedObject(EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", strFilePath & strFileName, strFileName)

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