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Automatically fill CC field before mail is sent

I am the system administrator for both NT and Lotus Notes R6. I have searched the Web for a way to automatically fill in the CC field before the mail is sent out and came up blank. This is a request for one of our Directors to manage intern accounts. I know it sounds strange, but hey, it's coming from a director. Anyway, I have no designing background whatsoever. Is this at all possible? If it is, could I please have some directions on how to do so?

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If this is just for one user and it should be in effect for every mail message that the user sends out, then the easiest method would be to modify the Memo form in that user's mail database.

  1. Open the mail database in Domino Designer.
  2. Under forms, find the Memo form and open it.
  3. Click on the CopyTo field to select it.
  4. In the Programmer's pane at the bottom of the window, click on "Default Value" and then enter the name to automatically add to the CC field.
  5. Save and close the form.

Thereafter, any time a mail memo is created, the CC field will have the name automatically entered.


  1. The name can still be removed by the user if they desire (more steps would be needed to prevent this)
  2. Turn of design inheritance in the template, or the form change may be overwritten when the Design task runs on the server overnight


The only problem I see with this approach is that the CC field is also filled in on all memos received as well. I have a VP that asked me in the past for the same automatic CC field population; however, he quickly pointed out that it also appears on all memos. Is there any way to restrict this to the new messages only?

—Craig W.


I have a like requirement for the BCC field to fill automatically with an e-mail ID; it is for all the existing and new users who will use the mail application created. Any suggestions?



Following Brad's instructions has not resolveb the problem. I think this is because when I open the Memo form, it gives the following alert message: "If you make changes to this form, they may be lost because the master copy of this Form is in a different Design Template database." Please let me know how to resolve this -- I have a mail application and want to change this wherever the mail application is installed.

—Sambhaji B.

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