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Back-end replication between two domains not working

This administrator has a replication issue between two servers in two domains. Front-end replication works fine, but when replication is initiated through server console, it does not work.

I have a replication issue. My domain name is ABC; another domain name is XYZ. XYZ is a German web server and it cannot call our ABC server because ABC is inside the firewall. So our ABC server always inititates the call.

We have done the cross-certification with XYZ, and have cross-certified (Certifier, Server and Administrator) IDs of both domains. The strange thing is that the administrator can replicate the database of XYZ manually (front-end replication), but when I try to do the scheduled replication or replication initiated through server console, it does not work. My ABC server says, "Unable to replicate with server XYZ. Your public key was not found in the Name and Address book."

I am really tired of this. Can someone please help me?

I can suggest a couple of possible solutions. First of all, you should make sure that the public key for server ABC is listed correctly in its server document. Go to names.nsf (on ABC) / configuration / servers / all server documents / ABC / administration tab. You have to be in edit mode to see the public key. If it is missing, use Domino Administrator program to examine the server ID for ABC, get its public key, and install that key in the server document.

Another possible source of the problem would be the access lists on XYZ. Make sure that ABC is allowed to access server XYZ (in XYZ's names.nsf), and that ABC is listed as Manager in each of the databases on XYZ that it needs to replicate.

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