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Best way to have a calendar view that displays data from different databases

Maureen, I would like to have a calendar view that displays data from different databases (vacation days from our HR database, scheduled jobs from our Implementation database, etc.). The two ideas that were brought up for this were:

  1. Create a calendar view in one of these databases. Somehow have the schedule data from each of the separate databases appear as entries in this calendar view.


  2. Create a separate database. Each save of data in the other databases (HR, Implementation, etc.) will somehow insert the appropriate scheduling data into this new database. Then we will just have a calendar view in this new database to display its own records.

Are either of these possible? If so, can you give me an idea of how? Or is there a better way? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
As for option 1, this can't be done yet. There is currently no way in Domino to create a view that gets data from multiple databases. This has been asked for at various times, but it is actually a very large task, and we have not yet been able to do this feature. Stay tuned, though, because when we incorporate DB2 as a data store in the future, this will become more of a possibility.

As for option 2, you could code this up yourself in the Designer. You could add some code that will create the document in each of the two databases. You should just be able to call the LotusScript NotesDocument method CopyToDatabase once for each database. You would then have the data in each of the DBs, and the calendar view in that second DB would be able to see that data.

Member feedback:

I have figured out a way to do it and it works like a charm with minor hiccups.

  1. Create a frameset in the target database.
  2. Go to the source database and in the Designer client select the preferred view and in the menu go to Edit --> Copy as Link --> Named Element.
  3. Now in the target database's frameset design, arrange frames as per the need and right-click in the frame. --> Actions --> Paste and the another database's view is pasted.

This is how I do it. Hope it helps.

Maureen's reply:

The above technique will display another database's view within the context of a frameset in another database, but I'm not sure it would accomplish what at least I believed the original question to be asking, which was how to incorporate data from a different database into a calendar view.

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