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CLI certification path?

I just passed the CLP exam. I want to become a Certified Lotus Instructor, but the certification path for the CLI is unclear to me. Would you enlighten me on this?
To become a CLI there are a few things that you need to do.

1. Achieve CLP status in Admin or ApDev
2. Complete the CLI application from and Instructor agreement from the Internet
3. Attend each of the courses that you intend to teach ("Sit the class" requirement) at an LAEC
4. Buy the instructor guide for the course you hope to teach (normally included in the CLI ICE)
5. Attend a CLI ICE (Instructor Certification Evaluation) session

Obviously you have achieved point 1.

Fill out the CLI application form which is available from the Lotus Web site here:


You will be informed by Lotus if your application is successful - then proceed to the next stage.

Number 3 is necessary, even if you have achieved your CLP without attending an LAEC class before. The point of this is to see how the class you hope to teach is actually presented.

Next you need to get in contact with your nearest Lotus office and find out when the next ICE course is running. Be aware - this is a participative course, you will be assessed on not only your knowledge of Notes/Domino - but also how well you present that knowledge by leading the class as the instructor.

If you are successful at the CLI ICE session and have fulfilled all of the other prerequisites - you will have met the requirements to become a CLI.

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