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Calculating size of database

This Lotus Notes user wants to know how to calculate the exact size of a database.

I'd like to know if there is a way to calculate the exact size of a database aside from checking the database properties -> info tab. What I am doing right now is going to the All documents view and totaling the size of all the documents. Next I run database mail\xxx.nsf to total the size of the indexes. I assume that if I add these two, I should get the total size of the database, but it is varying for me. We are running on a Windows server.
No. This addition will not show you the total size of the database. There are all sorts of other things in the database, besides documents and views. Also, Notes databases always include some amount of "whitespace" which is used for database expansion, without having to request more disk space.

The problem is that "size of the database" is not well defined. If you want to know the number of documents, check the info tab. If you want to know the number of views, and their sizes, use the SHOW DATABASE command you mentioned. If you want to know how much disk space the database takes, use Windows Explorer.

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