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Can I create and copy Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with LotusScript?

Learn how you can use LotusScript and OLE to create and populate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as a little bit about Lotus Symphony.

How do I create an Excel spreadsheet using LotusScript? I also want to copy one Excel spreadsheet to another using LotusScript.
Microsoft Excel is a proprietary Microsoft format and the APIs that allow you to create it belong to Microsoft. If you're running on a system that has Excel installed, you can use Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) automation to create and populate the spreadsheet. The heavy lifting is done by code that is part of Excel. There have been many articles written about how to use OLE automation with Excel from LotusScript, which you can easily find if you search the Internet for "createobject excel lotusscript".

Starting with Lotus Notes version 8.0.1, you can use the same techniques to manipulate Lotus Symphony spreadsheets. This code has the advantage of being part of the Notes client, so you don't have to install Office. However, it is also Windows-only.

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