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Can I fix corrupt ACLs with LotusScript?

How can I correct corrupt ACLs via LotusScript? I have to built an agent that periodically deletes all entries but "-Default-" from the ACL, then creates the correct entries and then saves the ACL. There was a mistake in the control of this agent, so it saved the ACL every hour. After some weeks or perhaps months the agent terminates with the error "ACL is full," even if there are only 8 or 10 entries in the ACL.

I have tested this with a small agent, which continuously deletes and writes the ACL to the database. After around 1,300 to 8,700 loops, this agent terminates with the above mentioned error message.

I would like to know how to correct these corrupt ACLs (there may be around 500 databases affected). And even if I correct the control of this agent and it runs only once a day, how can I write the ACL without getting this problem?

Thank you very much for your answer.

This post in the Notes/Domino 4 and 5 Forum tells what happened and how to fix it. I'm afraid it isn't LotusScriptable; you can either do it manually or write Notes C API code to do it. The developerWorks forums are a great place to search for answers, and then the world doesn't get to know about your mistakes.

For the future, I suggest rewriting your agent so that it checks the current ACL and adds, deletes or updates only those entries that need it, rather than a total rip and replace each time. This will prevent you running into this limit again in the too-near future.

Also consider whether there's a way to change the contents of the ACL lists so that they won't need to be updated as often. Use a group name, for instance, instead of putting usernames in so that you can update the group instead of changing the ACL.

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