Can I get a Notes ID of different design elements programmatically?

Is there any way to get a Note ID of different design elements (like forms, views, agents, etc.) programmatically (preferably in LotusScript)? Also, can I go to different design elements of a database, one by one, in LotusScript? Thanks in advance.
In Notes 5, you can get the design note for a view or folder as follows:

Dim viewDoc as NotesDocument Dim view As NotesView

... Set viewDoc = db. GetDocumentByUnid(view.UniversalID) Print "noteID = " & viewDoc.NoteID

For other types of design elements, you can use the DBDesign script library from the LDD Sandbox (thanks to Damien Katz for this very useful tool).

In Notes 6, you can use the NotesNoteCollection class to find the Note IDs of all the design notes or all those of a specified type. Refer to the Designer help for examples.

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