Can I limit access to a document in an intranet app?

I am developing an intranet application that will be accessed via a browser, authenticated by all users, session-based and developed on R 6.0.1. How can I prevent a user from opening a document in a view (applet) if he/she have not the necessary access?

I have tried to do something using a WebQueryOpen event but it is impossible to stop opening the document or redirect the user another URL.
You can't control that, as it is part of the view applet internal design. But when a user is seeing documents in a view they are not allowed to open, than there is something wrong with your security design. Why do you want to show the document at all, if you don't want them to open it? It is better to hide the document totally by using the Readers & Author fields at the document level.

However, if you need to show the document, despite the fact that a user cannot open it, try to use a form formula at the view level, based on a user role. You can than show the document with a blank form containing a JavaScript event "history.go(-1)" in the onLoad event, returning the user to the view. If the decision of whether the user can see the document or not is based on content in the document, use computed subforms. These subforms than contain the necessary fields to display when a user can see the content, and the necessary JavaScript code, and no fields to prevent other users from seeing the content.

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