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Can I use an Outlook client in a Domino environment?

I would like to know if it is possible to use Outlook as a client in a Domino environment. If it is possible, what are the steps in order to achieve this?

Yes, you can use an Outlook client in a Domino environment.

The downside is that you will lose all of the features, functionality, tools and shortcuts that make working in a Domino environment with a Notes client such a rich experience. One example is the "All Documents" view in mail, with the ability to do a Notes full-text search across thousands of documents in just a few seconds, or even something as simple as reading your mail by pressing [Enter], [Backspace] or [Tab].

Two ways:

Since Domino can be configured for standard Internet mail protocols (POP, SMTP and IMAP), you could use one of these server tasks, in conjunction with a corresponding "account" in the Outlook client to access your Domino-based mail database.

Administratively, there is additional work required to set up IMAP access, but it's really only one command at the server console (load convert -e mail\user.nsf).

Check the Administration help for setting up and configuring POP and IMAP access on the server.

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