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Can I use standard design patterns in LotusScript?

Can you use standard design patterns such as Creation, Structural or Behavioral patterns in LotusScript like you can in C++ and Java?
Domino has some significant differences from most programming environments. Unlike Java or C++, you're not in control of the runtime environment of the application -- the Domino server (if it's a Web application) or the Notes client (if a Notes client app) controls the overall context in which your code functions, so you aren't free to choose just any design pattern and go with it. You have to use a pattern that's compatible with the Domino system of forms, views, field formulas, events and agents. I have to admit I'm not as "up" on software engineering methodologies as I'd like to be, and I'm not sure offhand which patterns are the best fit for that.

There has been some work done on finding the most appropriate design patterns to use with Domino. I would point you in particular to these articles in The View:

If you're not a subscriber you're not going to be able to read the articles, but there are free downloads for both of them. In addition, you might visit Keith Nolen's Web site to see what he has to say about applying MVC to Domino Web applications.

Of course, you can write a Java applet, servlet or C++ program that just uses Notes as a back end for its data, but if you do that, you lose one big advantage of using Domino (i.e., that it does so much of the "view" work for you).

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