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Can Lotus users access e-mail remotely using a browser without a VPN or secure ID?

We have decided to move to Lotus Domino for e-mail and collaboration. Currently, we allow users to access their e-mail from the Internet using MS Outlook Web Access (OWA). This OWA server serves as a pass-thru to our mail servers and is the only server allowed through the firewall. Users can access their e-mail from anywhere in the world via a browser without being on the VPN or without a secure ID-type card. Currently, the server is set up using SSL. What is Lotus/IBM's product of choice to allow the same type of access from kiosk-type setup using a browser without VPN or secure ID requirements?
The preferred way method of this type of access is iNotes. If you are running Domino 5.0.8 or later, iNotes is the best choice for browser access. It runs with IE 5 or better, and it offers a very robust and user-friendly version. It uses HTTP via Domino, so you will have to make sure everyone has HTTP passwords set in their person documents.

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