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Can Notes remember an old replication path?

I have a replication problem. I have several Domino servers in the U.K. and U.S. I have a hub server in the U.K., which replicates to all other servers in the domain (seven in all). The IT staff in the U.S. changed the VPN gateway and Notes stopped replicating; the error says the server is not responding. We rebooted all the servers and it was OK for a week, then it stopped replicating again. I switched the U.S. replication to another server in the domain, and it has been OK since.

There have been no other changes and the IP address did not change. So why should it work from one server in the domain and not from another?

I wondered if deep in Notes it was remembering the path?

You can test the "remembering the path" theory quite easily by using the Trace servername command at the Domino console, where servername is "yourserver/yourorg."

This will output the destination address for the server you have entered and also tell you whether a connection was successful.

Your question, by the way, is a classic example of the "Comms Rule" I mentioned in Wednesday's blog. It's pretty simple and would be my FIRST point of call BEFORE spending any time trying to troubleshoot your Domino connections and configuration. The Comms Rule is:

If the OS can't see it, then neither can Domino!

The hint I'm getting that this may be a "black art" (networking) issue, rather than a Domino problem, as included in your question..."Why should it work from one server in the domain and not from another?"

Should the OS be able to successfully negotiate the destination, then I would spend time looking at your Domino configuration.

Places to troubleshoot:

  1. The operating system.

  2. If the OS can see it, try the following at the Domino console:
    Rep names.nsf
    This will tell you whether Domino can see and connect to the destination, where that address is the one reported by the OS.

  3. If that is successful, and "Rep yourserver/yourorg names.nsf" is NOT, then you have an issue with a configuration document, so check…

  4. The "Ports" tab of the individual server documents, which is under "Notes Network Ports," to ensure that the destination address specified in the "Net Address" field is appropriate and matches the one reported by the OS. Also check…

  5. The server's "replication" connection documents again to ensure the "Optional Network address" is appropriate and matches the one reported by the OS.

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