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Can the @Weekday function be manipulated for 14 days?

A reader wants to know if the @Weekday function in Domino can be manipulated for 14 days.

Can the @Weekday function in Notes/Domino be manipulated for 14 days since it only goes to 7 days?
This is a bit difficult to answer without knowing exactly what you're trying to accomplish. However, here's an idea that I hope will be helpful.

We need to have a fixed starting point for calculating the 14-day periods, and, for it to return the value that you want, that starting point needs to be any Sunday.

Dates can be subtracted, so subtract the current day (or any date) from that start date to get the time difference in seconds. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so to find the number of days between today and the first Sunday in the year, the formula is ([Today] – [Start Date]) / 86400.

Now you have the number of days between the current date and the start date. You can use the @Modulo function to divide up the time difference into 14-day periods and return the number of the day in a 14-day period. You'll need to add 1, because the first Sunday would return 0. So the formula would look something like this:

tFirstSunday := [1/2/2005];
tNumDays := (@Today - tFirstSunday) / 86400;
tModulo := @Modulo(tNumDays; 14) + 1;
@Prompt([OK]; ""; 
"Modified @Weekday value: " + @Text(tModulo));

As long as the starting point is a Sunday, you'll get a return value of between 1 and 14. (You could also just use the Saturday before the Sunday start date and not need to add 1 to the result, but it's easier to understand the code if you start with a Sunday.)

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