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Cannot collate using unsortable data type

I have a couple of users using notes 4.6a client running on a windows terminal server/metaframe system. These users save thier mail into various folders for future reference. One the mail is filed they are having problems getting back into that letter as they are getting the error "cannot collate using unsortable data type". I built a new mail file for the one user and he was fine until recently when the error started occuring. What causes this and how can I correct for the problem. I am using the standard mail 46 template.
I have not seen this before, and there isn't much information on it. However, there is a technote in the Notes Knowledge Base that discusses this error on R5 mail files. It is technote 174366. The Knowledge Base can be found with a few clicks at It looks like the problem has to do with files that are not in the root data directory, as is the case with mail files. That could be the issue.

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