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Cannot connect to new domain

Hello. Our office does not have a dedicated administrator so another developer and I have to wear two hats, and administration is not our specialty.

About 18 months ago, we installed an additional Notes server in our Notes domain. It is dedicated to iNotes for our remote users to get to their mail. It is receiving mail via one of our Web servers set up for SMTP. The mail comes into this server and routes to the iNotes server. Our users can only get to their mail files via HTTP when they are at work connected to our network because we do not have a separate Internet domain for the iNotes server...until now.

We just recently purchased a new domain name that we would like to use exclusively on the iNotes server but we are having problems getting it up and running. Our network administrator has updated the DNS and firewall to recognize the new domain, but for some reason we cannot connect using the new domain name either on our network or from the outside.

We already have a global domain document, the iNotes server document and config document, and they all seem to be in order.

Our primary domain is, for example, xyz.com, and is working fine and always has. Now we would like to add abc.com to our network so that people can go to this domain (on our network) and access their mail. We are not replacing any domains, we simply want to add another one.

Any help you have would be appreciated. Thanks.
There are a lot of things to get right before a new Internet domain will work correctly. It sounds like you understand this and have covered all the known bases. Here are a couple things I would check.

  • Go to CheckDNS.net, and type in your new domain name. Be sure to check the Maximum option. You will get lots of good info about whether your domain is set up correctly for the outside world to see.

  • On your local network, try to ping your new domain, and see what IP address you get back (if any). This will make sure it is resolvable locally.

  • When the iNotes server starts up, look to see what machine name and domain it thinks it is. This will tell you if it is listening correctly for incoming messages.

  • Make sure you turned on the SMTP listening option for the iNotes server. It is in NAMES.NSF / Server / Servers / Basic.

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