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Cannot register new users

I am having problems registering a new user. The server is running 4.6.6b and my PC has R6. I am testing R6 on my PC so that I can convince management to upgrade. Every time I try to register a new user I get the message, "You are not authorized to add Person documents in this Domino Directory." Then if I try to register the person from the server itself I get the message, "Error attempting to update the certifier log." I have checked all the logs and just don't see any error messages. Help! I am really lost here. Thank you in advance.
You need to have the "Create User" role on the directory to add people. Make sure your name is spelled correctly with the proper certifiers if you are in the admin group. Otherwise, it should work fine. The certlog error makes sense, since you are trying to update a database locally while the server is running. Using the client on the server is forbidden in R5 and D6. Get used to not using it.

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