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"Cannot remove Notes document when instantiated by notesuidocument"

"Cannot remove Notes document when instituted by notes"

I get the above error message even though the Notes document is not instituted by a ui document. I have a view action which collects all documents based on a condition and deletes all the response documents if any for the document.

 ------------------------------------ set call = view(key, true) if not collc.ount = 0 then set doc = collage '''''''''''Collect all responses Set coll2 = doc responses '''''''''''Remove all responses call coll2.removeall(true) '''''''''''Remove the main doc call move(true) ''''This is where I end up with the above error end if

Try to destroy the coll2 object first. You can only delete an object when all other objects within the scope of the top level object are destroyed. So if you inserted before your call to remove doc it should work.

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