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Can't see name in the senders list

We are receiving every day mail. (See the example below.) The problem is that the first part of the senders mail address always looks different when I get the mail. I know that I can set restrictions on the Domino configuration document, but I don't want to restrict the hotmail.com domain.

From:o589500736@hotmail.com to:o589500736@hotmail.com Copy:Subject:cwcw*s?W$Z*s$ucwcwcwc*s?W$Z*s$ucwcw
Please reply to o589500736

My questions are: Why can't I see my name in the sender's list? How can I restrict such a message
1. They probably used a RCPT TO for the senders' list, which is why your name does not appear. You can duplicate this with a telnet session. Here's how:

Start telnet with the following command line.
telnet yourserver.domain.com

You should see something like: 220 yourserver.domain (lotus Domino) ready at
Then type: HELO somedomain.com
You should see something like: 250 yourserver.domain.com Hello somedomain.com please to meet you
Then type: RCPT TO:&ltYour_Name@yourdomain.com>
You should see something like: 250 Recipient OK
Then type: DATA (and hit enter)
You should see: 354 Enter message....
Then type:
To:Whatever name you want! (and hit enter)
From: Whatever name you want! (and hit enter twice)

Here's the message (and hit enter)
. (put a period by itself on this line and hit enter)
You should see: 250 Message accepted for delivery
Then type:
Quit (and hit enter)
This will send the message and end the session. The message should be in your inbox with the To field displaying whatever you put in it!

2. You cannot restrict these messages if the senders name is different each time. You should, however, notify Hotmail that you are receiving spam from these addresses. You should also take a look at the document properties and particularly the Received fields to see where the messages are actually coming from.

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