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Can't send any mails via outgoing mail

When we use the package of Notes Java API to compose a Java send mail application, we can't send any mails via outgoing mail (i.e., mail.box) on a local PC. For details, please see below:
Session s = NotesFactory.createSession();
Registration reg = s.createRegistration();
reg.switchToID(sender.id_file, sender.password);
//using user's mail files on local
Database db = s.getDatabase("",sender.usernsf); 

Document memo = db.createDocument();
memo.replaceItemValue("Form", "Memo");
.... //input mandatory data for sending mails, for example, send to, subject, content....


//replicate with mail home server
This mail will deliver to the outgoing mail on local as normal. However, it doesn't send to the home server; it just keeps it there on local.

Can you suggest how to replicate outgoing mail (i.e., mail.box) on local with home server, or how to trigger the replication tag and press the "start" button in order to send mail out?

I don't know the details of your local user setup, but I have a feeling that your setup on the local client has not been configured to have mail sent from local. You can check this in the location document.

Click the "mail" tab. If it says "on server," your method will not work. If it says "local," the mail should be routed automatically when the limit specified in "transfer outgoing mail if" has been reached, thus eliminating the need to force a replication.

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