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Change archive settings

In the standard mail template "mail50.ntf" an archiving tool is integrated. You can change the settings of it by clicking Actions->Archive->Settings which shows you a dialog box. The Agent that is responsible for this is Archive Settings. In that agent, they simply call a method:

Call uidb.EditArchiveSettings()

This is not a standard method of the NotesUIDatabase Class. However, it is not defined anywhere else too. It opens the dialog box, which I cannot find either. Do you know where I can find more info?

This is a currently undocumented method. It accesses a hidden profile document called "Archive Profile." If you want to get to the document in LotusScript, you can use the GetProfileDocument of the NotesDatabaseClass. The path of the archive database is stored in the field ArchivePath. You could use a LotusScript agent in the debugger to see the other fields.

Lotus says the Archive Profile must be saved once in the UI before accessing the profile in LS. See TechNote #174420 (06/06/2001) for additional information.

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