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Changing your Domino organization name

My Company has been purchased & rebranded. We are running Domino 5 on the iSeries platform. I've been asked to scope out the project of removing all traces of the old company name - which is our Domino Organization Name. I assume this means setting up a new Organization & migrating all our applications & users to it. I've taken the Admin courses, but have very little practical Admin experience, especially on the iSeries. I will have access to expert help once the project scope has been determined & the project is approved. Could you point me to a reference source or lay out generally the steps required to set up a new domino server for the new Organization & migrate to it?
It all depends on how many users you have, what type of users they are (server or local based), how many servers you have, how many apps you have, etc. To completely remove all traces of the old domain can be tricky. I would suggest setting up your new environment, cross-certifying the old one to it, and then begin your migration to the new sets of IDs. To do it without the cross certification could be painful. After you care completely migrated, you can remove the cross certs and force everyone to only use the new IDs.

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