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Checkbox that automatically stamps date and name

I have a "complete" checkbox that when checked, I would like it to automatically stamp a date and name. I have the @today and @username formulas, but the date refreshed upon document opening. I need the date to stay the same as when the box was checked. I have tried onClick and onChange with no luck. Can you please help?
It sounds like the fields are set to be computed to @today and @username. In that case, they will be updated every time the form is refreshed and saved. You should set the time stamp and name fields as Computed, but set the computed value to the name of the field. (Or set them to Computed when Composed and set the value to "".)

In Domino Designer, add LotusScript or JavaScript code to the field's onChange event. When the user changes the value of that checkbox field and then leaves the field, your code will be triggered. The code should check the value of the field (to ensure that it is now checked) and then set the time stamp and name fields to Today and session.CommonUserName, respectively.

Another option would be to remove the checkbox and instead create an action button or a hotspot button called "Complete" and put the @formulas on the button to set the time stamp and user name.

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