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Clarifying "Discard view index if not used in 45 days" property

It was explained to me by one of our corporate Notes gurus that the "Discard view index if not used in 45 days" property removes the index for views if the view has not been used in 45 days, which saves space in the database. The index is then re-created once a user opens the view again. However, after reading the documentation in the Designer R5 Help database, I am not sure that this information is correct.

First, my corporate Lotus Notes environment does not use the setting in the INI file to control this. Second, in the Domino R5 Designer help, it states that the property does this:

"Deletes a view index if the view hasn't been used in a specified number of days. Domino rebuilds the view index the next time a user opens the database."

So how is this saving any space if we use this view property? The next day when the database is opened by a user, the index is re-created anyway. I was thinking that maybe it was misstated and really meant the next time the view was opened.

Can you clarify how this property works exactly? Does the index get created the next time the database is opened or the next time the view is opened?

I haven't reverified the functionality recently, but the intent is to remove the key index of a particular view if it hasn't been used in x days. If a view is used daily then there are no advantages to using this feature. However, if you have a special view that is used only occasionally, say only at month end, and have it set to expire after 7 days of inactivity, you do get some advantage.

I have found this most useful with the types of views that are rarely needed used but are needed. They index may take up a great amount of space, but that is regained after a few days, until the view is used again.

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