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Client setting causing $KeepPrivate flag to be set?

$KeepPrivate is being set to 1 when some users create and save documents in my custom application. I haven't written any code that would cause this to happen. Is there a preference or some other client setting that could be causing the $KeepPrivate flag to be set?
I don't know of a setting that would cause this, but the value could be inherited form source documents. The best thing to do is to add a hidden $KeepPrivate field to your forms. Make it a calculated field with a value of @IF(@IsDocBeingSaved;"0";"0"). This will set the field to "0" – allow printing and forwarding.


First, Thanks for the recent help. While it was not the solution I was looking for, it is a real good thing to be able to bounce problems off a larger set of knowledgeable friends!

Since submitting my question I found a Tech Note which identified the problem I was having. Tech Note: You cannot copy, forward or print a form or message you have created even though you did not choose to prevent this. I just wanted to share -- as this has come up twice this year.

—Mike H.

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