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Configuring foreign SMTP domain and relay hosts

I am a little confused at this point of time and I would really appreciate any help from your side. In my company, we are planning to implement SMTP. We are using one domain but are known by many names such as XYZ.com, ABC.com, qwe.com. We are using Release 4.6 and shall be upgrading to R5 in the coming few days. Other parts of the company, in different countries are using their own SMTP gateway. We do have our own SMTP gateway and shall be restricting SMTP mail routing within over servers. To be more precise we have just joined their domain and shall be shifting to R5 Domino servers. We where using different mailing software and have shifted to Lotus Notes.

The servers in different locations have shifted to R5. We are in the implementation phase and I would like to know how I should proceed with SMTP configuration. We have 12 domino servers in different parts of my country. One server shall be acting as SMTP server and shall use another machine as Relay host to route SMTP mails. All of the servers are in the SAME NNN. Therefore, what I have is the following configuration to enable SMTP with in my company.

I will make changes in one server document that shall be acting as the SMTP server and shall enable its Listener Task and enable SMTP in routing task. Then, I will configure one global document with our different known names to the outside world to specify over Internet Domain name. I shall make changes in the server configuration doc as we are upgrading to R5 specifying the setting is specific to only one server that is over SMTP server. In addition, in the routing section I shall enable SMTP used to send Internet mail and specify my relay host IP address. I will make one configuration doc command to the rest of the servers in my company specifying the SMTP server IP address as relay host to route SMTP mail.

I shall be grateful if you can pinpoint what?s wrong in the following setting or tell me the right way to configure SMTP.

Other than not addressing SMTP connection documents for *.* to use his Foreign SMTP domain and relay host, you are on the right track.

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