Conflicts with replicating servers

I have a Notes database with three replicas on three different servers (let?s say sr1, sr2 and sr3). Sr1 and sr2 replicate while sr2 (pull) and sr3 (pull) replicate.

My notes database has a parent child relationship. There is one parent form and two response forms. End users add/modify children documents on the replica on sr3. I have agents running on sr1 that update documents as well. No documents are updated on sr2. It is a view only database. The conflict handling property on my three forms (1 parent and 2 response) on all three replicas is set to "Merge/no conflicts."

When sr1 and sr2 replicate, there are no conflicts. When sr2 and sr3 replicate I get thousands of conflicts (mostly in the response form, some parent).

First question, I am trying to figure out why I have conflicts in the first place. Do you have any ideas?

Second question, none of my conflicts have a $ConflictAction field. Is that ok?

Even if you have set the form property to merge conflicts, conflict documents will still be created if the same field on the same document is modified in two different places since the last time the database has replicated.

Check whether the agent you have running on sr1 is updating and saving many documents. Then check whether it is updating any of the same fields that the users are updating on sr3. The conflicts may even arise out of fields that aren't updated directly -– if you have computed fields that are updated when a document is refreshed or saved, then conflicts will occur even if different fields are directly modified on separate replicas.

If you can narrow down which field(s) are being updated in multiple places, you can have a better idea of how to modify the design to minimize the risk of conflicts.

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