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Connecting to a remote DB2 server with LEI expert Andre Guirard offers advice to a Domino developer on how to connect to a remote DB2 database server using LEI.

I am trying to copy data from one IBM DB2 server to another DB2 database on a different server. We are using LEI to achieve this. I have cataloged the DB2 databases remotely, and I am trying to create a connection to point to the DB2 database. But this error is thrown:

[IBM][DB2CLI] SQL1013N : The database name or alias does not exists.

Can you please brief me on the steps needed to connect to a remote DB2 server and successfully create a connection in LEI?

It sounds like you need to go into the DB2 client on the server where you run LEI, and tell it where to find the remote database. This is where you would give it a name that the local DB2 client would recognize. You can use that name to refer to it in your LEI connection document. I'm sorry I can't be more detailed than that -- I don't have those specific menus memorized.

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