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Corrupted names.nsf

Names.nsf on a single server gets corrupt and read-only every three to four days. I have pulled a new replica to the spoke server, also a new replica to the hub that this spoke replicates with. It still corrupts after a couple of days. There is plenty of disk space on server. The hard disks have been defragged too. There is nothing in the logs to indicate what could be causing this problem. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Two ideas:

  1. Try running Fixup on the file. You can do this from the Admin client or the server console. See Domino Admin Help -> Index -> Fixup.
  2. Try recreating the file completely, using File -> Database -> New Copy. This will change the replica ID, so you have to make new replicas on each server in the domain. But this will often fix corrupted files.


We faced a similar address book corruption problem. Yes, Fixup and Updall will fix the problem temporary, but the address book will corrupt again after a few days. Hopefully, someone has more feedback about this problem.



If it is possible for you to shutdown the Domino Server Service, you could try running the shell command 'ncompact names.nsf -c' from the LotusDomino directory. This will create a new replica of the database and will try to remove corruption from within the database. This solution has worked in several organizations that I have been with. However, it's not full proof. On a couple of occasions we had to go to IBM for further assistance because the corruption was caused by having a large number of connection documents that were created in an R5.0 or R5.0.1.


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