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Create dynamic table in Domino Designer 6

This Domino Designer 6 user wants to create a dynamic table so that a user can insert or remove lines.

My platform is Domino Designer 6. I want to create a dynamic table so that a user can insert or remove lines. This table can make sum of column or rows.
This can only be done with a good dose of LotusScript. You could provide buttons or links for users to add or remove lines in the table and then use code to add up values in columns or rows and display the totals.

It's not exactly a simple process, but with the help of the examples in the Domino Designer Help database, you can use the new NotesRichTextTable and NotesRichTextNavigator classes to add and modify the rich text table and the data in the table.

It is important to note that changes to rich text fields are not available until the document is saved, closed and re-opened. You can do all of this in your script (provided that the script is in an agent and not embedded directly on the form) and it should be fast enough that the user can't even tell what happened.

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