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Create field in Domino DB to show last user to edit it

A reader wants to know if she can create a field within a Domino database that will show the last user who edited the database.

Brad, I am trying to create a field (within the Domino database I am creating) which will show the last user who edited the database. I know you can show the current user but I want to know if I can display the variable of the ID of the previous user and whether/where it would be located to reference from. I'm new to Domino and am wondering if there is a quick fix for this.

I assume that you are really trying to track the name of the last user who edited a specific document. If that is the case, then just add a field to the form named LastEditor (or whatever name you choose). Make the field a text field that is computed. Set the value to @Username. Every time a document created with this form is saved, this value will be updated with the name of the person who last saved changes to the document.


Seems to me the solution provided would lead to the document showing the current user when the document is opened. If you want the doc to show the last (previous) editor for sure, it would be better to set the value of the LastEditor field during the QuerySave event.

—John C.


If the field is set to Computed, then it would only be updated when the document is saved. It may appear to change if the document is refreshed in the UI, but the LastEditor field value would not be saved unless the document was saved, thus making that user the LastEditor.

Brad Balassaitis


What about asking the content of $UpdatedBy field, which automatically refresh by the system?

—Vincent B.


$UpdatedBy is an internal Notes field, so it is not a good idea to modify it. However, it is automatically maintained by Notes, so you could use it to get a list of people who have modified the document.

Brad Balassaitis

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