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Create pop-up message when support e-mail is received

I want to broadcast a pop-up message to all users on a specific database (those who currently have it opened) when a support e-mail is received in that database. They do not want an e-mail notification -- they want a pop-up alert -- like a console broadcast message. How can I accomplish this via a LotusScript agent when new mail arrives?
You can't really do this type of pop-up messaging just because a user is "in" a database. You could simulate the functionality by having new messages in a specific view. Whenever a document is opened, refreshed or saved, do a lookup to the view and if there are documents, pop-up a message that there are documents in the inbox or new documents view. Then, as people start to work on them, take the documents out of the view, so they no longer trigger a pop-up.

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