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Creating Lotus Archive profile in background in R6

A developer moving from R5 to R6 wants to know if it is possible to create the Lotus Archive profile in the background in the new version.

We are using a customized mail template in R5 for our mail users. When we migrate to R6, we will have to customize the template. Fine. But we have a problem in archiving. If the Lotus Archive profile is not created, we would like to create this profile in the background without asking the users to create one, because they are not ready to do it manually. Is it possible to do this in R6? If we launch the archive dialog box automatically, the end users have to define the criteria and press the "OK" button.
If you can code the archive criteria for the user, then you can modify the trap code in the Archive agents to automatically configure the profile rather than displaying a message. Another option: You can send a message to all newly converted users and have them click a button that would establish the profile.

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