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'Customize this view' options are disabled in Lotus Notes databases

Discover the reasons behind a Notes/Domino admistrator having trouble with disabled options in the "customize this view" section of his Lotus Notes databases.

After upgrading to Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2, some "customize this view" options are disabled on certain views in several of my Lotus Notes databases, but enabled in other views. A development version of this database works properly when I change the "allow customizations" option. Here is some background information: I'm using mail template v 6.5. If I go to Domino Designer, the "Allow Customizations" checkbox is checked. I've tried un-checking the box, saving it, checking the box again and re-saving it without any luck. Do you have any idea what the problem is?
A designer can determine if a user can customize a view or not. It is most likely that the view you are looking at is set to not allow end-user customization. This may be because the view format is required for some datase functionality, where allowing the user to modify a view will break that functionality. If this is only an after effect of the conversion, it may be related to whether the Notes database has been converted to the new "on disk" structure or not. This should be reported to your company's support area so the group who handled the conversion is aware of the situation. This may lead to a support call with IBM Lotus.

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