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Declaring functions

I retrieved your database named "AutomatViewAnalysis/12282.nsf" and installed it on my laptop. I ran it against a database on a server and after I clicked on "Run analysis," it displayed the following error:

API Error : The API call to NIFindDesignNote returned an error : Error 17412:

A document was created with some interesting values, but some values are set to 0 (DB size, view size, etc...) Do you know why?

I have not seen this problem. Please verify that the NIFFindDesignNote function is properly declared to be found in "nnotes.dll" (which is in the Notes directory).

The database size is looked up in the Notes log database on the server (in the Database\Sizes view). It searches each Database Activity log document until it matches the full file path of the specified database. If the database cannot be found, then it will return the database size as 0. Make sure that the user triggering the analysis has rights to read the Notes log database on the server.

The view sizes are also looked up in from the same Database Activity log document. There are a number of reasons why the view size might be returned as 0.

  1. If a view has not been opened in a specified period of time (depending on the view's index settings), the server can drop the view index, which means it is taking up no space. (The index will be rebuilt the next time someone opens the view.)

  2. View sizes would also be returned as 0 if the database cannot be found in the Database\Sizes view in the server's log.nsf, or if the user triggering the analysis does not have rights to read the database.

  3. It appears that the R6 version of the Notes Log database stores view titles and sizes differently. This application was developed in R5, where the Notes log stored lists of view names and view sizes (in multi-valued fields called ViewTitles and ViewSizes). In the R6 design, the sizes and titles are lumped together in a field called AllViewInfo. In order to work in R6, the code would need to be modified in order to accommodate this new design.

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