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Delete duplicate documents in database

I have to delete the duplicate documents in a database. I saw the default agent that comes in the catalog(R5.0)(template or database). I don't know where to change in order to run it for my view. Please help me on this asap(as soon as possible). I need it early because the task is already beyond schedule (the task given to me to write the script to delete the duplicate documents).

You need to copy the agent to the file you want to use it in. You need to create a view where the first column is a key value that determines that the documents are duplicates ( i.e. an account number, transaction identifier, a concatenation of Last and First Names, etc). In the agents code, you will find the following line:

    Set view = db.getView( "($ReplicaID)")

This agent uses the Replica ID field in the documents to determine duplicates. Change the name in quotation marks to the name of your view. The rest should then function to delete duplicate documents.

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