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Deletions are recorded back to the original mail

Current setup is as follows:

2 Windows NT server sp6a 2 Domino 5.0.7a Enterprise servers All clients on 4.67

My users? mail resides on server A. I am setting up the cluster to provide a fail over/backup mechanism for my users. I configured all the necessary information, and the cluster is working. However, I have discovered a major problem. When I create a replica of a user?s mail database to server B, deletions are recorded back to the original mail database on server A. In one case, a user had 1059 documents in the All Documents view on Server A. When a new replica was placed on Server B to allow for replication within the cluster, before any new mail was received or anything else ran on the server, the Server B recorded 333 document deletions sent back to server A. Looking at the mail files now, Server A's copy has 726 documents in the All Documents view, while Server B's copy maintains the original 1059 documents. I am quite puzzled as to why this is happening. This is not unique to this one user. It has happened to many and forced me to back out and restore from my backup.

I have a test environment setup, identical to my live environment. I have tested this repeatedly and get the same results. I have created new replicas of the mail file on server A to another folder on server A, and then proceeded to replicate the new replica to server B. The problem still happens. I have tried creating new copies of the mail databases and then replicate them to server B with the same results. Before replicating, I have done a complete compact, fix up, and updall, and tried again but the problem still exists. I have deleted the replication history and tried again but the problem still exists. I am running out of ideas.

The only thing I could think of would either be an ACL issue on the databases between the two servers, or perhaps a rogue replication formula. I have not seen this behavior in any of my mail clusters.

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