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Delinquent Notes accounts, invisible Domino server, enabling activity logging and dead mail

  1. I need to get a listing of all users in the NAB that have a Notes e-mail account, but do not use it. Tracking mailfile size won't do it, because users may get inbound mail that they don't read and don't delete. It seems that tracking outbound mail may be the key, but so far, no one has found a good solution.

  2. I have a Windows 2000 (SP4) server running Domino 6.5.1. The Notes Domino server console will not display on the monitor, but I can see it in Domino Administrator.

  3. I am trying to do some activity analysis. I have activity logging enabled in my server configuration document, but when I go to the Server tab --> Analysis. Then click on Activity under Tools --> Analyze, I get an error that reads "No activity data found. You need to enable activity logging in a server configuration document."

  4. I have two mail.boxes on my SMTP server and certain inbound and outbound e-mails seem to get hung up in them. There are no error messages with them; they're just not processed until they time out and turn into Dead Mail. IBM recommends deleting and recreating the mail.boxes periodically, but that doesn't always work.
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  1. Active Mail.
    There are a few ways you could go about this, but the easiest would be to use the Notes Log (log.nsf), accessible through with the Administration client (Servers Tab --> Analysis --> Log --> Usage --> By User) or directly on your server through log.nsf (Usage --> By User).

    Once the log is open, you will be able to review either the Notes users' accessed databases (to tell you whether they are at least reading their mail). Additionally, you will be able to review the mail database's access reads and writes, and again whether the user performs any reads in the database.

    If the user is at least reading their mail, there will be a record in the log database to indicate this. If the user is managing their mail, creating responses or deleting/modifying mail, there will be "write" activity as well.

  2. Server Console.
    Is the server console simply not displaying, or is the server controller running in its place?

    Check the Domino Server's service Startup properties through Windows, if the properties have -jc, the Domino Server will start without the Domino Console running, although the Java Controller will be. To add the Domino Console to run and display at the same time as the Controller, add the -c option as well.

  3. Activity Logging.
    You may be receiving the "No activity record found" because you have not enabled periodic recording. Check your Activity settings in your configuration document to ensure that one (or both) of the following options are enabled:

    • Log checkpoint at midnight: To automatically have Activity information written to the log every night.
    • Log checkpoints for prime shift: To have log record written at the beginning and end times of the period selected.

  4. Dead Mail
    When working with Mail routing within your domain, it's important to periodically check the content of your mailbox(es). Do the inbound/outbound messages that appear have anything in common?

    That would be the first thing I would look into. What are the messages that "hang"? Who are they from/to? Are the addresses malformed? Do the Internet domains exist? There are quite a few reasons the messages could be hanging.

    Creating monitoring documents to allow you to keep track of the traffic through your mailbox(es) is also a good way to keep up to speed with your inbound/outbound mail. Checking for messaging statistics (mail.waiting or mail.dead) is a good way for you to become proactive in your messaging administration, as the thresholds that you set can be configured to automatically notify you when they are reached.

    Periodically deleting the mail.box (e.g., mail1, mail2, mail3.box) and having the router recreate them is one method you can use to avoid messaging errors due to mail.box corruption, but in my experience is not something that needs to be done "periodically" (BTW, does anyone know how often periodically is?). You might want to recreate the mail.box's if mail routing stops completely (which is normally due to a corruption), but if mail is still routing successfully, I wouldn't delete or rename them just for the sake of it.

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