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Diplaying different information for a user

I'd like to know if it is possible to have a dynamic page. What I want to do is display different informations for a particular user. The resulting display would be something like this:

Heading, one line, large font

Content, a few lines, smaller font

Link to the complete document

The informations that I want to display are previously entered in a form. I have them in a categorized view. I would like to extract some informations, including a rich text field, in order to display them on a page.

Is it possible to do that and how? What language would be better to use?
Of course you can do this. There are lots of ways to handle this task, but I would go for good old @Formula language. I imagine you are talking about some sort of welcome page that shows one piece of information for me and a different piece of information for my colleague ? based on the login name. The tricky bit has to do with Rich Text. I'll return to that.

You have a form for displaying the Welcome page, and on this form you have a computed for display field that does a @DbLookup with a key that is the @UserName, looking up to a lookupview that's sorted on names (be sure to use the @Name([Canonicalize]; name) format in the view as @UserName returns the username in canonical format). You could have one of these fields per bit of information you wanted to display (Heading, Content).

The link to the complete document would be computed text http://www.yourhost.com/yourdatabase.nsf/lookupview/key. The lookupview and key I would suggest that you create like I described in this document:

Creating good URL keys. Basically create a view that's sorted on @Password(name), and compute your link key with @password(@Username).

You also mentioned Rich Text, and that is certainly a challenge. Try looking at @Abstract. @Abstract takes a Rich Text field and extracts text based on your rules. Try it out and see if what it can give you is good enough. If it is, you could just have a column in your lookupview that has the @Abstract text and you could retrieve it in a @Dblookup ? just like with the other fields.

I hope this helps.

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