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Displaying a list of users who are currently configured with Sametime

In the 12/23/02 version of the SearchDomino.com newsletter I received, you described implementing sametime awareness on a website. Our company just implemented sametime a few months ago and there has been a reoccurring question. That question is, on the website that we currently use (a domino database), is it possible to display a list of users who are currently configured with Sametime to those new users who are interested in downloading the client? This question stems from the fact that many new users say they don't know how to tell what other people are currently using sametime. When you add users using the directory button on the connect client, there is no feature that tells them which users are actually Sametime users. We have not enabled all users to be able to use Sametime. Any suggestions or ideas would be nice. Thanks.

I have a couple of ideas for you.
I would suggest that you create a group document in the Domino Directory which contains all known Sametime users.
The group document could be maintained by the server admins, but it also could be maintained by the users themselves - you could have a button on the site that adds the user's name to the list. Or - if you want a more luxurious way of maintaining such a list, you could have a Sametime bot that keeps track of which users actually log on to the Sametime server and then updates the group document - both adding (active) and removing (inactive for x days) users.
The contents of the Known Sametime Users group document could be displayed on your site, you could maybe even let the list of names be Sametime enabled, displaying the users' current online status.
The same group could (if you are using the same Directory both on your site- and your sametime servers) be available inside the Sametime client when adding users to the buddy list. The user could just add this group, or if the group is too large, the user can use the "contents" feature when adding buddies, which will display the members of a Directory group.

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