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Do I use Formula or LotusScript to include a doclink to a Notes view?

Find out why you can't use Formula language to include a doclink to a specific Lotus Notes view or database and need to use LotusScript instead.

I have an action button on a Lotus Notes form that contains Formula language to perform @MailSend. A doclink to the form is also included in the @MailSend function. Instead of including a doclink to the form, I would like to include a doclink to a specific Lotus Notes view or directly to the Lotus Notes Domino database. Can I do this using Formula language?
Formula Language does not provide a method to do this. LotusScript contains the AppendDoclinkMethod of the NotesRichTextItem, which allows you to define many of the attributes of the link being included. If you convert your Formula language code to LotusScript, you would need to create the document to be sent and populate each field specifically. Make sure you also add the appropriate doclink to the body field.

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