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Do both servers have to have the ODBC driver installed to transfer data from one to another?

Hello, I have a proprietary version of Sybase's SQL Anywhere 6.0 running on a Microsoft server that I would like to extract data from. I'm attempting to get the data into a Domino Designer form that will be shown on the Web. The ODBC driver for the SQL machine is: DBODBC6.DLL 6/19/2000 and is called Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0. Do both servers have to have this ODBC driver installed and configured so that the data can be brought into the Domino database?

I have tested the ODBC connection on the SQL server and it supposedly connects, but I do not have the ODBC driver installed on the Domino server and for that matter do not own a copy of it to install. I have also run the Select statement within the SQL console and it shows the desired data, so I know that part is working. Currently, I'm not sure if it is my @DbCommand that is not working or if it is the ODBC connection that is the problem. Following is the formula I'm using. This formula is placed in the field's value setting and its properties are set to computed for display:

@DbCommand(ODBC:NoCache;SCRIABINDataMICROS.DB;support;support; "SELECT sum(net_sls_ttl) as Net_Sales FROM micros.dly_sys_ttl WHERE store_id = 7 and DATE(business_date) = TODAY() - 21)":"")

BTW, the Domino server is used as our HTTP server and will serve the Domino database form. Also, is there a setting in the Domino admin that I have to set to let data be sent through ODBC? Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
You will need to install an ODBC driver for Sybase on the Notes/Domino server and create a System DSN that points to the remote server and database. Without an ODBC driver on the Notes/Domino server, there is no way for your @DbCommand to know where the database resides. You'll also need to make sure that your "system" permission permits access to the database. When started from NT "services," Notes/Domino users the "System" ID for access and not the Administrator ID.

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