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Does installing Sametime require extra licensing?

Does the installation of the Sametime server to support the IM capabilities in the Lotus Notes 6.5.1 client require any additional licensing other than the Domino server and the Notes clients? In other words, do we also have to purchase the Sametime Server?
With the introduction of Sametime (Lotus Instant Messaging - LIM) 6.5.1, IBM added some Sametime functionality into the Notes client by default. LIM access and functionality supported through the Notes client is free.

In addition, the Sametime server license for use in this environment is free, so it can be installed on an existing Domino box within your Domain, or a completely new box.

The supported features include presence awareness and instant messaging. Instant meetings are not supported in this configuration. If you need to use the meetings facility of LIM, you will need to check with your local IBM account executive as to the licensing requirements for this functionality.

At the time of writing, if you want to use the online meetings functionality I understand that you must purchase a LIM CAL.

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