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Domino and SQL server data using ADO

Can Domino connect, pull and push SQL server data using ADO?
There is not a specific connector for ADO (ActiveX Data Object) you can use the standard ODBC (Lotus Script Data Object--LS:DO) or NotesPump. The code example below was garnered from some NotesNet responses from Cristian Muraru. If you need more information, check the Microsoft Knowledge Base for ADO with VB. This should be easy to adapt to LotusScript.

 Dim Connect As Variant Dim RecordSet As Variant Dim Qry As String Dim TableName As String Dim i As Long TableName="A" Set Connect = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection.2.5") Connect.ConnectionString ="DSN=XX" Connect.Open Qry="SELECT * FROM [" & TableName &"]" Set RecordSet = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset.2.5") RecordSet.Open Qry, Connect,2 , 1 RecordSet.MoveFirst i=0 While Not RecordSet.Eof i=i+1 Print Cstr(i) & " -> " & RecordSet.Fields(aField).Value RecordSet.MoveNext Wend


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