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Domino and the Summary flag

I need an understanding of the Summary flag and how Domino uses it. Can it be removed permanently? How does one stop it from coming back? Can a Domino database be set so that no update information by a user is maintained in any field including an Anonymous field?

The default database setting is zero for this. Is setting the Limit Entries in $Updated By Fields to 0 (default) enough?

My signature is on every document in a mass data set as the designer and signer of all design elements. My last name is common and general searches result in lots of hits because of my name.

I want to not maintain any $Updated or $Anonymous values, and I want no Summary flags in these documents if that is possible.

Setting the Limit Entries property of the database will probably not remove your name from the documents immediately, but if you run an agent that makes some small change to each document after you set this property to 0, that should do it.

Notes/Domino sets the Summary flag of each item in a document as that item is being saved from the Notes client or via a Web submit. Exceptions are Rich Text and a few other special field types, fields that are not on the form and are not system fields, and fields that contain too much data to be summary.

The flag is probably also set when a script agent modifies the document or when it is modified from LotusScript, depending which method you use to do this. You can use the NotesItem.IsSummary property to set the field to non-summary, but it will be reset to summary the next time the document is edited.

I assume there's some connection between your questions. If you're thinking to set a field to non-summary to prevent it from matching full-text queries, that will not work -- non-summary fields are indexed for full-text search.

I wrote an article for The View recently about how to customize the search interface to make it easy for end users to search for data in specific fields. If you aren't a View subscriber, you can still download the sample database and see how it's done.

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