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Domino running as a service

I have an R5(0.6a) server on W2K SP1 and a 4.6.7 server on NT 4.0 SP5. Neither one will run as a service. Then, 4.6.7 stopped one day and 5.0.6a wouldn't run from the install.

4.6.7 reports "The Lotus Domino Server service terminated with service-specific error 272."

5.0.6a reports "...Lotus Domino Server terminated unexpectedly..." with error code 1067.

Both servers have been reinstalled. What is the problem?

I have never had any problems with Domino running as a service, on either platform. The only thing I can think of is that you have the service starting with an account that doesn't have admin rights to the server. Make sure the service is set to run under the system account and that it is allowed to interact with the desktop.

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